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What We Do

The Decatur-Morgan County Hospitality Association actively promotes tourism and travel growth to the area, and supports the economic development of Decatur and Morgan County. The association’s members have worked together to generate funds being used specifically for tourism projects, helping bring about such community-changing projects as the construction of Ingalls Harbor. Members of the Decatur-Morgan County Hospitality Association also serve as volunteers during community events, and raise charitable contributions to support non-profit organizations in Decatur and Morgan County.

Pineapples and Hospitality

Since 1493, when Christopher Columbus brought pineapples back from his travels to the Caribbean, the fruit has become a symbol of hospitality, welcome and friendship. In colonial days in America, the pineapple was used in elaborate centerpieces and was a sign of great honor for guests. Other traditions say that the pineapple was used by colonial-era sailors to signify that they had returned home and were welcoming visitors. In this same tradition, our pineapple signifies our desire to welcome our guests and treat them with great honor.

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