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Annual Awards

Every year, the Decatur-Morgan County Hospitality Association, along with the Decatur Morgan County Tourism, honors its members by recognizing their outstanding efforts to promote tourism in Decatur and Morgan County. The association’s Annual Awards honor the works of individuals, as well as area events and corporations, who have significantly contributed to the community’s tourism and travel industry. Association members may make nominations for the Annual Awards in the early fall.

Award categories include:

Event of the Year

This award recognizes a member whose special event, festival or sports event made the greatest contribution to tourism in Decatur and Morgan County.

“Good Neighbor Award” / Friend of Tourism Award

The “Good Neighbor Award” recognizes a person or organization whose body of work has had a significant impact on tourism in Decatur and Morgan County.

Top Five Corporate Companies

The Decatur-Morgan County Hospitality Association recognizes the importance that area industries have on the tourism and travel industry of Decatur and Morgan County. This award honors the top five corporate companies who have the most room nights in the area’s hotels and motels.

Professional of the Year (In Honor of Layna Sorrell)

This award recognizes the work of individuals who have been in the tourism industry for less than seven years. Recipients of this award have exhibited extraordinary leadership skills and the initiative associated with their position.

Julian Walker Mr. Tourism Award

The Julian Walker Mr. Tourism Award is given to a person, or persons, within Decatur and Morgan County who has contributed significantly beyond their professional duty to the development and promotion of tourism for the betterment of Decatur and Morgan County.